OpenGL->Regal->MetalGL on OS X?

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    There are existing Mac OS X frameworks that use OpenGL rather than OpenGL ES. For example, Qt comes with an OpenGL implementation that includes a QOpenGLWidget class ( ) which can be used for fast 2D rendering. Qt “intelligently” uses either OpenGL or OpenGL ES, depending on the platform ( ), and I’m not sure whether Qt on Mac OS X can be easily “forced” to use GLES. However, there is the opensource Regal library ( ) which provides a user-space OpenGL layer for an OpenGL ES 2.0 context. So I imagine that, at least in theory, it would be possible to build a Mac OS X app that uses Qt’s QOpenGLWidget classes, and then “pipe” Qt’s full-OpenGL calls through first Regal (which will translate them into OpenGL ES 2.0), and then through MetalGL. Is this something that anybody perhaps attempted?

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