Protect your investment in OpenGL ES on iOS and macOS!

Has Apple’s announcement of their plan to deprecate Open GL and OpenGL ES left you wondering how to take your OpenGL ES product into the future? — Your future is here!

MoltenGL provides the power to transform your graphics applications and games on iOS and macOS platforms. This premier product from the developers of MoltenVK will run your OpenGL ES 2.0 application or game on iOS or macOS using Metal — and faster!

No need to rewrite rendering logic and shaders for different platforms or abandon the familiar OpenGL ES 2.0 API. Applications built for OpenGL ES 2.0 can use MoltenGL to run on top of Metal, to gain the additional graphic performance of Metal today, and to protect your investments in OpenGL ES into the future!

MoltenGL is an implementation of the OpenGL ES 2.0 API that runs on Apple's Metal graphics framework. MoltenGL provides many of the performance benefits of the Metal framework, while maintaining compliance with the proven OpenGL ES 2.0 API. And MoltenGL will continue to run your OpenGL ES application or game on future versions of iOS and macOS, should Apple remove OpenGL ES in the future.