Current Version

The current version of MoltenGL is 0.25.2.

Be sure to review the instructions about what to do after downloading.

Download MoltenGL 0.25.2


Looking for MoltenVK?
MoltenVK is now open source, and is available on GitHub.

OpenGL ES 2 for macOS

When using MoltenGL with OpenGL ES 2 on macOS, on an device that does not support Metal, your OpenGL ES 2 app needs to be able to access a "native" OpenGL ES 2 engine. By default, macOS supports OpenGL, and so an OpenGL ES 2 implementation must be provided for use on macOS if Metal is not available.

This download includes an implementation of OpenGL ES 2 and EGL for use on macOS. Be sure to refer to the document in the MoltenGL distribution package for instructions about installing this component in your app.

Please note, you only need this component if you are using MoltenGL for macOS, and you want to run your app on a macOS version or device that does not support Metal.

  • You do not need this component if you are using MoltenGL for iOS.

Download OpenGL ES 2 for macOS