Free Trial

Getting started with MoltenGL is easy

Download your free copy of MoltenGL for evaluation here. The MoltenGL download package includes the full MoltenGL product.

And good news! The same MoltenGL download package can be used for both evaluation, and production games and applications. The features and performance are identical in both modes, and the there is no time limit to your evaluation!

Download MoltenGL

The download package is a single ZIP file. Once downloading is complete, unzip the file.

The MoltenGL download package includes a user guide:

  • MoltenGL/Docs/

Be sure to start with a review of the user guide for your product of interest. These documents include instructions about installing, configuring, and running MoltenGL in your game or application, information about automatically converting your SPIR-V and OpenGL shaders to Metal shaders, tips for optimizing performance and troubleshooting, and lots of other useful information about working with MoltenGL.

Also included is a Demos folder, containing demo apps that highlight the capabilities of the product, and an Xcode workspace from which you can run all of the demo apps for that product. To learn more about the demos, review the demo guide:

  • MoltenGL/Demos/

During evaluation, you can run MoltenGL without purchasing a license. You will see a MoltenGL product logo displayed as a watermark overlay on your rendered scene. You must purchase a license for MoltenGL before releasing MoltenGL as part of a production game or application. Once a valid license has been purchased and activated to cover the MoltenGL features you are using, the MoltenGL product logo watermark will disappear.


Looking for MoltenVK?
MoltenVK is now open source, and is available on GitHub.