MoltenShaderConverter does only support vertex & fragment shaders?

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    I’m using your useful library to make my engine cross platform.
    I noticed that there are only two input command for shader type in MoltenShaderConverter. -t v and -t f.
    Can I convert compute and tessellations shaders to spir-v?


    Bill Hollings


    Thanks for supporting MoltenVK in your game engine, and thanks for including the link to it.

    The shader converter does not currently support conversion of Tessellation or Compute shaders from SPIR-V.

    However, both features are a top priority for us, and will be under development very soon. You should expect to see them soon.





    Is there a timeline for invoking compute shaders in MoltenVK?
    We’re porting cross-platform OpenCL to Vulkan, and MoltenVK will be our macOS/iOS solution, once it supports compute shaders.
    Thanks — KN


    Bill Hollings


    I don’t have a strict timeline to offer at this point…but it is a high priority for us…so work should begin within the next few weeks…with delivery a couple of months out.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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