Failing running MVK_computenbody sample from your brenwill branch..

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    just downloaded Molten 0.19 to test compute shader support using your SaschaWillems branch from
    I use Xcode 9.2 Macos 10.13.2 and AMD Vega GPU..

    other samples run correctly..

    MVK_computenbody compiles OK..

    but trying to run MVK_computenbody got this error:

    2017-12-18 03:18:07.255557+0100 examples[7370:81719] Unknown Window class (null) in Interface Builder file,
    creating generic Window instead
    [mvk-info] MoltenVK version 0.19.0. Vulkan version 1.0.64.
    [mvk-info] GPU device AMD Radeon HD Vega10 XT Prototype supports the following Metal Feature Sets:
    OSX GPU Family 1 v3
    OSX GPU Family 1 v2
    OSX GPU Family 1 v1
    [mvk-info] You require a license for the MoltenVK Vulkan Core feature set. Reverting to evaluation mode.
    [mvk-info] Created 2 swapchain images with initial size (1024, 768).
    [***MoltenVK ERROR***] VK_ERROR_INITIALIZATION_FAILED: Shader module compilation failed (code 3):

    Compilation failed:

    program_source:54:57: error: use of undeclared identifier ‘memory_scope_device’
    threadgroup_barrier(mem_flags::mem_threadgroup, memory_scope_device);

    2017-12-18 03:18:07.351657+0100 examples[7370:81719] -[MTLComputePipelineDescriptorInternal setComputeFunction:], line 363: error ‘computeFunction must not be nil.’
    -[MTLComputePipelineDescriptorInternal setComputeFunction:]:363: failed assertion `computeFunction must not be nil.’

    can help?


    Bill Hollings


    Thanks for reporting this. It turns out that macOS/OSX Metal 2.0 does not support the memory_scope feature…so it is being generated in error on macOS High Sierra.

    We will fix this in the next release.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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